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Months before a new #taxseason starts raining up tax preparer ads for your #business or #individualtaxes, the mailbox fills with discount cards or my favorite "#maximumrefund," or the other ad, that says they "we give you the #moneyinadvance" $5000, $6000, I've seen up to $9000 look at how many zeros. your preparer last year reopens his office and remembers that he's your best friend. If you use a service that is open all year round it is usually very expensive. We have our heads programmed by the first thing that comes to our eyes and let me tell you that the first thing you see is what someone puts there just for their convenience. not because you have advertising #1 means it's the best service, not for paying more for that advertising you'll be with the best and most winning in the world. you know what a tax preparer's dark best-kept secret is? that has no secret.

That's the way it is in this industry and in most industries it makes it seem like the hardest things to charge consumers more money, these are the three most important things you need to evaluate when choosing a tax preparer.

1- Open all year round: The #IRS may take 15 days, 60 days or you may never give yourself your refund and you will have to leave your time and work in solving your problem alone or go to another preparer and repay for the arrangements. Worse if you or your company had to pay and there's a mistake, good luck next year when you find out about your #interests and #penalties.

2- Evaluate quotes: don't get carried away with the first price you see in an advertisement, because then forms start to be added and that's where your budget suffers the worst damage. You must be honest with the preparer, do not waste your time or his, make a budget with the correct information takes no more than 5 minutes and will save you from horrible surprises.

3- Customer service: the most important one that obviously includes the previous two, without this there is nothing. if your #taxpreparer is open all year round, has a fair budget, and on top of that he treats you with a smile, removes all your doubts, takes care to get the best for you at the expense of his time and is there when you need it. You've won everything.

What are you saying? Are you out of your mind?

Aren't there any secrets in tax preparation?

What is the price I should pay for my tax return?

How do you know if they're getting the best result for me?

Well, that crazy thing is relative, there's a movie that says if you went crazy don't worry, the best people are. Revealing the secrets of an industry should not be very sane but here we go, here we go, here many things work for computer systems, it is true that we study, prepare and are professionals, but you can also do it if you want it is not something for super-bright scientists, the key is that everyone plays their part in the game. as we said in another blog post, shoemaker to his shoe, it means you do your thing and I do my thing. If you run a company or do your job, you can't do everything at the same time, everyone who's right for it is just a matter of learning to delegate.


From an individual #tax #preparation according to the #NSA (National Society of Accountants) have an average of $273 usd for a #1040 form with #itemizeddeductions. It's relative, but it gives us a general idea.


Another famous film says "show me the money", at the end of the day is what we all want, but not in all cases we know what that means, how to get the best benefits when it comes to declaring taxes?

1- Tell your preparer the truth: Don't lie, you're not lying to him you're lying to yourself, you're just risking his license and good results by taking risks that aren't worth it: fines, penalties, audits and even criminal records, only in extreme cases, but it's possible.

2- Open to the preparer: Not only the truth of what has happened, we need to know your interests, your tastes and your goals in many cases here you will get money in your pocket or future savings. This is where the detailed deductions and the optimal use of them with an eye on your objectives have value.

3- Plan your taxes: Set what your plans are in the future, what your goals are in the next 2, 10 or 30 years. there are no secrets we will tell you everything we know to make the most of it, but if you don't tell us your plans we can't help you.

If your personal goal is to get a #loan for your business, or #buyahome for your family, we need to know to advise you the best way to lend them more beneficial to your future, you need to demonstrate your good finances in addition to a good #credit score.

4- Take things in time: If you arrive running the last day before the deadline, you are losing. Spend time with the preparer let me show you what he learned by studying and in experience to take advantage of it in your future, you will see when the case applies its advice you will know that it is a good time invested.

Did you know that if you're making a profit for which you have to pay taxes, you can take advantage of secure investments so that that money instead of going to the IRS is in your account? #IRA or #401(k).

5- Your thing is yours: We open up and trust you as a psychologist in some cases, but we do not advise those practices in which they give you your money in advance or charge your refunds take the money from your work and then give you your money. be patient, I know that sometimes we want the money faster, but that's where we leave room for some opportunists who keep other people's money.

What happened? During the delivery of financial stimulus checks, the IRS began sending the second round of stimulus payments worth up to $600 for individuals and each of their dependent children. It was established that millions of payments would be deposited directly into accounts that the IRS had filed before January 4, 2021. But some taxpayers were surprised to see that the last four digits of their bank account numbers were incorrect when they verified their payment status on the IRS website, corresponding to their preparers' accounts ( #USATODAY ).

6- Customer Service: as a closure so that you have the idea well recorded and don't forget it.

It's no use going to make your taxes to the most famous place just because everyone does, it's no use paying the most expensive service of all to get the best benefits if they are then too busy to take care of you, it doesn't help you if you don't learn anything in the process to be able to apply in your future, the money comes and goes , but to learn something is always the greatest benefit you will get in life.

Since you have to do it right, we're here to help you.

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