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Updated: Jan 10

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It’s 5:30 am and the alarm clock still hasn’t rung. You had snooze it for 6 am to gain time and be able to start your new day later, 45 minutes ago you have been tossing and turning in bed keeping on contemplating if you were doing the right thing with that client, how to make the best of the products and services for your business, how to know if there is something you are doing wrong, where to find the right finances or how to make the best of your time. Often those of us who take the path of the #entrepreneurs decide to do so because they want to reach a better life, trusting our abilities, the great possibility of growth without limits. Although often we are the ones who push ourselves to have less time, to doubt our own capacity, and put on the table our own limitations.

How many times as an entrepreneur have you thought how nice it would have been to work just 8 hours a day, wrap it up, clear your mind and be able to do whatever you like until the next day?

And do you know what would happen in that case? I’m sure you do, but today I'm going to describe it for you so just for once you will blame me instead of yourself. The reality is that you can't think you can do everything alone in life, you won’t have the material time or the physical ability to do it. You won’t be able to do what you have dreamed of without some sort of collaboration. Surely you can't blame yourself or your dreams, they are the best you can have. The question is what are you gonna do about it? Are you going to stay mad at me without realizing your #dreams or you want to find the best way to make it happen?

Ok, let's try to solve this, first I don’t want you to be upset at me, second, here at Taxleaf Pembroke Pines we don’t like to be one of those people who only point finger at problems instead we want to provide solutions.

Our job is to provide #solutions to you, that’s our dream, that's what we do here.

So let's get started:

1- Use your head more than your body: we already talked about the unlimited of our dreams. Notice that your brain does not have them either. Not underestimating courage in life can become necessary especially when it comes to starting a new business. I can assure you that with courage only you won’t get anywhere, do a plan and be realistic, try to never experience anything with pessimism.

2- Exercise your patience and perseverance: what comes quickly goes away also quickly! I hope you get a strike of luck, but you cannot live to wait for it, for this reason, we have to work steadily, and never get discouraged at the first obstacle to the contrary be patient and think about how to fight for it.

3- Leave your excuses behind and break your limits: the excuse of #financial resources, or “why am I going to pay someone if I can do it myself?” it’s a lie because if something helps you to produce it automatically become an #investment and not an expense anymore. Not asking for help can be a limitation.

All very nice, but ...

"What is the correct next step?"

Get the help you need, make a plan and fight for it without lowering your arms, but with the necessary information to correct your course if necessary.

"How will we do it?"

How to carry out those ideas and those plans if reality and experience show you something else, it does not matter if you have a lot of money or little money here what we are looking for is the result, is that you win!

How could pay someone else for a task that I can do is less expensive than doing it myself?

When opening a new business you must know that many professionals can help you externally without needing to hire them as employees: #builders, #designers, #lawyers, #psychologists ... depending on how crazy your business might drive you. In a few words, for what you need there will always be outsourced workers for the tasks that you most need.

Here I am going to tell you how we can help you with three main services that not only might take you a long time to manage but that if done wrong might generate a giant snowball of problems.

1- #Bookkeeping: the basic rule of every business, we are here today to break the myth that only large companies can have the luxury of having a constant accounting service. Let’s break the myth that you should only see your accountant once per year, our monthly work will allow you to plan your movements and driving the wheel of your business with more agility to reach your goals and avoid unnecessary losses now and in the next few years.

2- #Payroll: hours and hours lost writing paychecks for your employees, tax payments for them, generation of quarterly and annual reports, keeping track of how much you paid in high season for those temporary employees, their #1099 in January, being able to do all this completely automatically and at a very convenient price.

3- #SalesTax: If you sell products you never want to risk having to pay fines or penalties to which the safety of your business can be exposed to. Most of our clients spend less than $ 2 a day on their sales tax report.

To work on your accounting services you don’t have to be an expert, you should not spend hours analyzing or gathering information to provide your accountant with, on the contrary, we are the ones who are at your disposal, the ones who will bring you the precise information that you need to make decisions. Just by authorizing us to handle your bank statements, we will be able to make reports based on your general records, profit and loss, and balance sheet.

Managing your business has never been this easy: we #assist, #support, and #report the situation to you, we work for you.

Payment of payroll and many other things might drive you crazy, do something clever for 2020 and remove this from the list of reasons that stop you from succeeding.

This is not just about paying the employees, writing them a check, or having them collect their money, we are talking about the issuance of those paychecks but also the calculations of contributions to the administration of social security, medicare, and all those other obligations that as an employer you have. The generation of periodic or annual reports and the ability to keep track of each contract that you close in special seasons.

It actually might be getting you crazy if you do not have a solution like the one we offer you for all these things, even considering that you will be able to save 99% of the time if you have to dedicate yourself to these activities. Just give us employee information and we will take care of everything.

Payment of payroll and reporting of 940, 941, #W2, W3, 1099s will be fully automatic.

Periodic sales tax are not the most difficult thing that you will find managing in your business, but they require precision and punctuality, the correct handling of this obligations can generate thousands of dollars in savings, avoiding the interests and penalties are something very rigorous to respect to avoid mistakes.

Count on us to learn how to properly handle withholding or exemptions from these obligations. In many cases, there is a lack of knowledge about the characteristics of a wholesale and a retail or all those implications of selling a service or a product together or separately.

Be on time with registration and reports on a date without risks. We provide reminders, support, and processing all in one place.

Do not forget to take advantage of the fact that we provide consultations for free and unlimited. if you want to know more about how are these services can best help you and how to squeeze them with your skills don’t hesitate to find more information about us on our social networks, contact us by email, phone or WhatsApp and we’ll invite you to meet us personally at our office, book a free appointment. Contact us.

Now if you think you have found the help you needed to realize the #PLANS you have in mind, #BREAKYOURLIMITS, and start to #GROWYOURBUSINESS.


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