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A company is a legal structure, an entity separate from its owners with business or personal obligations and liabilities and also capital protection.

A company can be an artificial entity or legal person, with or without partners and / or shareholders and can be composed of people, other companies or groups of companies.

Creating a legal structure is for everyone, you can do a gigantic business or a small one-person business.

Create your own company and take advantage of the benefits that the company law offers you, the tax advantages and the legal protection of your obligations and personal assets.

Type of companies

C-Corp: recommended for large ventures, which require help and external contributions to the company, attention with its double taxation

S-Corp: the quintessential small business corporation, great tax benefits, care that is only for residents and / or citizens of the United States.

LLC: sole owner, disregarded entity or partnership. It is the most versatile and reliable structure, its distribution system is different from the C-Corps, it does not pay taxes, it transfers them to its owners

PA: it is a structure for business based on a person's certified skills, it has the best tax benefits, a professional license is needed.

double taxation

Double taxation is a concept that applies to some corporate structures in which it is stipulated that a company affected by double taxation must pay taxes as well as its partners must.

When you go to choose the correct structure you must take this concept into account, choosing the correct one is essential for your new business, making mistakes at this stage can bring so many headaches and a lot of money wasted badly.

non-conventional uses

1099s: Independent contractors can create a company and operate under its benefits.


Associations: for a group of people who decide to undertake a secondary activity without putting family assets at risk.


ITINs: foreigners who want to do some business activity, can create a company and put it to work, respecting laws and paying taxes.

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real estate

Protect your property investments with a company

When we are about to make an important investment, we rarely see all the problems that threaten us, take care of some of them creating a company for each property or group of them, this has multiple benefits for both the first home and the second home or investment to rent or resell .


Responsibilities: do your business under a company and in case of losing a lawsuit against the property, you will only respond with the assets of the company protecting your personal ones.


Taxes: if your property is a rental business and producing expenses will increase your deductions.


Successions: certain companies do not die, so if their owner dies, he leaves us with more tools for an orderly succession.

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